Before placing an order for a flat glass mirror, please consider the following:

Our mirrors are hand-cut from a flat sheet of 3mm mirror glass. 
They are not laser-cut, so while they are very close to size, they may not be perfect in shape.

You will need your old backing plate for the mirror to be glued onto.
Some second-hand mirrors include a backing plate, which will be specified in the item description.


What's the difference between flat mirrors and convex mirrors?

If your car has a convex mirror, our flat mirror will provide a different view.
Flat mirrors typically reflect objects accurately, whereas convex mirrors offer a broader view of the surroundings.

Please refer to the photos below to see the difference between the two:

Are mirrors available for pickup from any of your designated pickup locations?

Kindly note that our flat glass mirrors are exclusively available in Brisbane.
However, for standard-sized flat glass mirrors, we offer complimentary direct shipping to your location at no additional charge.
Truck mirrors and mirrors with backing plates are subject to standard freight charges.