What is a windscreen rain sensor?

A windscreen rain sensor is a device installed on the windshield of a vehicle that detects the presence and amount of rain. It automatically activates the windshield wipers at an appropriate speed based on the intensity of the rain.


How does a windscreen rain sensor work?

The sensor uses an infrared light emitter and receiver. When the windshield is dry, most of the light is reflected back to the sensor. When rain hits the windshield, some of the light is scattered, and the sensor detects this change, triggering the wipers.


Can I replace my original windscreen with a standard one if it has a rain sensor?

If your vehicle is equipped with a rain sensor, it is important to replace the windscreen with one that is compatible with the sensor. A standard windscreen without the sensor's mounting area may cause the rain sensor to malfunction or not work at all. Always ensure that the replacement windscreen supports the rain sensor functionality.


How do I know if my vehicle is equipped with a rain sensor?

Check your vehicle's owner's manual for information on features. You can also look for a small, darkened area or sensor module near the rearview mirror on the inside of the windshield, which indicates the presence of a rain sensor.

If you are unsure if your windscreen has a rain sensor, please send us a photo of the top middle part of your windscreen from the outside.


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