Is the photo on the web page the exact photo of the second-hand item that I will receive?

It's essential for customers to understand that the photo on the webpage may not represent the exact second-hand item they'll receive.

Since our second-hand stock is continuously changing as items are acquired and sold, it's not feasible to provide individual photos for each item.

Instead, the photo serves as a general representation of the glass's shape and appearance. We aim to give customers an idea of what to expect, while still emphasizing that the specific item they receive may vary slightly.

If you have any concerns or need further clarification about the condition or appearance of a second-hand item, please feel free to contact us.

Our team is here to assist you and ensure you're satisfied with your purchase.


If a photo displays a rubber, does it mean the rubber comes with the glass?

Not necessarily. While a photo may feature a rubber, it doesn't automatically imply that the rubber is included with the item.
While some listings may include the rubber as depicted, others may not. Therefore, it's essential to communicate your specific requirements to our team before placing your order. 


Does new glass come with rubber?

No, by default, new glass items do not come with rubbers unless specifically stated otherwise in the product title.

Does the glass include the attachments?

The inclusion of attachments like luggs, clips or brackets with the glass varies depending on the specific product and listing.

For most secondhand glasses, luggs and clips are usually included. However, new glasses may not have them, though most do.
The product description or title of the new glass will specify whether attachments are included. If attachments are not mentioned, it's safe to assume that they are not included by default.

In cases where they're not included, you or your installer can typically reuse the old luggs.
If you require new luggs, we offer a small selection. You can click this "Luggs" to browse through our options.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the availability of attachments for a particular glass item, feel free to reach out to our customer support team for assistance. 


The primary purpose of our listed photo is to provide customers with a visual representation of the glass item.
It serves to show the shape, size, and overall appearance of the glass to help ensure that customers are selecting the correct part for their needs.
Seeing the shape of the glass in the photo allows customers to visually confirm that they are selecting the correct part for their vehicle.
It helps avoid potential misunderstandings or mistakes in ordering the wrong item.