Author: Tony Rowe   Date Posted:29 September 2023 

In February 2016, due to the overwhelming support of the Brisbane community, our warehouse has been busier than ever. With the desire to deal directly with walk-in customers to solve their Autoglass problems, while continuing to sell online across Australia (since 2011), getting a large amount of phone calls per day made it difficult for us to help everyone.

Due to this situation, we had welcomed and employed Rayzell from the Philippines to help us with the overflow of online work and calls.

Since then, our online sales team had continued to grow each and every year. So, in May 2023, Vanessa and I flew over to meet Rayzell and the team she helped us grow overseas to six hard working team members. 

We love working with them as they are all dedicated to helping customers solve their Autoglass solutions as well. They work tirelessly following up on all the correct details to ensure that each glass we supply is correct. They spend time sending photos of the glasses to customers upon request and providing assistance in a timely manner. They email quotes including photos (when available) before selling or booking in jobs for us. They are all so polite and courteous.

We look forward to them visitng us next time and to continue working with them all.

So here's a little bit about our Awesome Team!