What is a second-hand item?

A second-hand item is one that has been removed from a car. These items are not perfect.

For example, if your car is a 2001 model and you order a second-hand part you must expect that this part is more than 10 years old. There is nothing wrong with the safety of this glass. Also, It is more than likely that a second-hand item is a genuine glass.


Is the photo on the web page the exact photo of the second-hand item that I will receive?

No! the photo is not of the exact glass you will receive. Second-hand stock is constantly coming in and out of the warehouse.

The photo is a generic photo to give you an idea of what the glass looks like eg shape, etc.


Is a new item a genuine glass?

No! New glass is a brand new aftermarket glass. We sell a mix of Australia made and imported glass.

Rest assured, all items sold met Australian safety standards.