7 Must-Have Cool Car Tools

Date Posted:14 June 2018 

All responsible car owners have a toolbox on standby whether in the trunk of his car or in the garage at home. It is necessary for every household to have a tool box dedicated to cars alone – one that is easy to locate and easy to bring along during long road trips. And most probably, we all know what's inside that tool box – a handful of different wrenches, pliers, cables, wires, probably cleaners, etc. 


But thanks to technology – and we mean not only the digital ones – new and innovative gadgets have emerged to cater to specific remedies our cars might need. Take a look at the list below if you think you'll need a much awaited tool box upgrade. 


A boxed ratchet and socket set – Get the one with a sturdy case, too, since this would hold quite a number of ratchets and sockets in various sizes. This comes handy during convoys with the family where you might need different sizes of sockets for all the cars that came together. 

A soft-faced hammer – It works just the same as ordinary steel hammer. But, this has a gentler effect on the surface of that thing you are pounding on. It lessens chipping and cracking of paint while being applied with the same force. 


rechargeable under-vehicle LED light stick – Check up on your car's down side any time of the day with a compact under-vehicle light. Get the one that has an adjustable brightness and light angle, and has magnets that easily attach to your car. It also works as an emergency source of light at home duing power interruptions 


A ratchet extender – Not all nuts and bolts in a car can be easily accessed by the human hands. But thanks to a ratchet extender, you can now ensure that there are no loose bolts in your car. It works like this: you attach one end of the extender to the unreachable socket and then the other end is where you will do the adjustments. 


A needle nose pliers – Imagine Captain Hook's “hand”. That is the shape of the tip of a needle nose pliers which is helpful in disconnecting and untangling electrical connectors without damaging anything coiled around it. 


A digital torque adapter – The tightness of a bolt may have a damaging effect to a car and its performance. Luckily, a digital torque can now be attached to your ½ in. rachet or breaker bar. Simply set the torque required and it will signal you when to stop. 


A magnetized belt clip – This tool may look simple, but it will save you from hours of searching for lost screws, bolts, and other small metal parts that you use when repairing your car. Once you loosen a screw, immediately attach it to the magnetized belt clip so you would know where to get it when you need it back. This can be a DIY project, too. 



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