Busting Common Car Myths

Date Posted:18 April 2018 

Over time and with technological advancements, pieces of advice on cars and its maintenance may have eventually become myths. Some may have been outdated or altered as it goes from one person to another. In this article, we list down some of the common myths that involve cars. Read on and be more informed! 



  1. 1. You might void your warranty if you have your car serviced out of your brand's dealership. 

Ideally, car owners should have their cars checked by their brand's mechanic, as they are trained to specifically repair cars that brand has. However, you also have the liberty to have it checked by a reputable mechanic even if it is still covered by a warranty. Depends on the situation and your convenience. Just make sure that you will be provided with a proper documentation of what service has been made or replaced in your car that you can duly present to your brand's mechanic the next time you pay them a visit.


  1. 2. You can be more fuel-efficient with manual transmissions rather than automatics. 

With the development of engine technologies, one can now debunk this myth. The creation of variable transmissions also provide a broader range of gear ratios that puts manual transmissions behind the list. Well, this myth was once true back when automatic transmissions were first introduced to the market. 




  1. 3. You save more when you fuel up in the morning. 

It was believed that in the morning, gasoline tend to be denser due to the cold temperatures, which results to more fuel filling the gallon. However, this is not proven as gasoline are stocked in underground tanks where there are minimal to no temperature changes. So there is actually the same amount of gasoline that can fill up a gallon at any time of the day. 


  1. 4. You hurt your engine when you fuel up from low-cost gas stations. 

Generally, off-brand gases that charge less than branded ones are ensured to meet the standard quality of commercial fuel. The thing that makes branded fuels more expensive is the extra engine-cleaning additives they put in their gasoline. So getting pumped with generic gas is still OK. 


  1. 5. You are safe when you hide behind your car during a gunfire. 

That is what our favorite action movies tell us. But actually, studies show that no matter what the built of the car is, there is still a high tendency for the bullet to go through the car from end to end. 




  1. 6. You should warm the cold/idle engine up before driving. 

This myth is believed and practice in most parts of the world. Drivers start their engines and keep at a stationary state before heading for a drive, believing that it would warm up the engine. However, it is not helpful and completely unnecessary. The only thing that could heat up your engine and bring it to a better efficiency is to drive it right away. 


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