Defogging your Windscreens During Winter

Date Posted:6 June 2018 

Varying wind temperatures and density can have different effects on our car windscreens. Now that it's winter, we must be aware of the possible changes that might take place on our windscreens, as well as the basic actions we can take to maintain its good condition.


One of the most common changes that we can observe is fogging. The cold weather brings a big amount of moisture to both the exterior and interior of your car. The moisture inside the car is then affected as soon as you open the door and a gush of cool wind enters your car. You will notice that the fog will start to form as soon as you hop in and start breathing. This is because our breath is warm and contains water vapour. This warm air is then cooled down by the car interior's cold, moist air, leaving the water vapour to condense and stick to a cold surface – that is, your windscreen. 


That's quite a scientific feast, but that is the basic explanation on why fog forms on our windscreens and windows. Now that you know about it, it would be easier for you to solve this issue once you come across with it. And nope, not breathing won't make the trick. 


All you have to do is to turn your air conditioner on. The colder air from the air conditioner helps remove the water vapour on the windscreens and windows. It also almost instantly dissolves your warm breath, further eliminating the risk of fog to form again and again. To defog faster, you may use the demister vents to direct the cool air from the air conditioner on to the windscreen. 


Pulling your windows down won't actually help, as it just lets moist air in the car and will still result to fogging. Neither does wiping out the fog using a piece of cloth. This method just spreads out the water vapour and then forms fog again when you breathe into that space you just wiped out. You can use commercial anti-fog sprays, but those may only reduce the fog build up. 


So, just set your air conditioners to low temperatures and you'll see clearer on your windscreens in no time. 


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