Smart Tips in Maintaining Streak-Free Windscreens and Car Windows

Date Posted:20 December 2017 

Car windscreens require to be cleaned all the time so as not to affect the vision of the driver. Aside from that, it can really be irritating to see a blurry portion of the windscreen even from the passenger seat, especially during daytime. There sure are a few glass cleaners available in the market, but most of these are costly and may not be able to leave your windscreens and car windows spotless every time you clean them.

Believe it or not, you can create your very own anti-streak windscreen cleaner, and its ingredients are guaranteed to be budget-friendly. You will just need a bunch of newspapers, rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, and disposable gloves. Use newspapers with the traditional black and white print instead of those colored ones to prevent its ink from staining your windscreen. Make sure that you use an isoprophyl alcohol as it has properties that leave any polished surface crystal clear. The white vinegar also has special properties that soften hard to clean haze build up in your car windows and windscreens.

If you prefer to use rubbing alcohol, simply wet the crumpled newspaper with it and start swiping on the windscreen from side to side. Remember to swipe in one direction and to flip the crumpled newspaper to ensure a clean side to wipe. The alcohol will serve as the solvent that softens the grime build-up, and the newspapers wipe it clean, leaving no annoying streaks behind.

Another way to make your windscreens gleaming with cleanliness is by spraying a white vinegar mixture on to it. Mix water and vinegar in equal parts, and pour it into a spray bottle. Place a towel over your dashboard to prevent excess vinegar mixture to drip on it. Spray the mixture on the windscreen and wipe it with crumpled newspapers following a single stroke. The acid in the alcohol is a good cleaning agent that will definitely leave your windscreens and car windows glistening with clarity and cleanliness.

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