Buying a used car? Check these 7 tips to get the best deals!

Date Posted:10 October 2017 

Purchasing a used car are deemed as risky by many. Although you are saving a lot of money compared when you buy a brand new car, the chances of it being damaged or worn out are increasing. However, there are also chances that you will get a better deal if you would just be thorough about the whole selling process. Try to follow these tips that are proven to get the best used car deals.


1. Seek help from a trusted mechanic

Even if you find yourself knowledgeable in cars, it is really the best decision to ask an experienced mechanic in helping you assess the car you are planning to buy. They are more focused on the engine's condition, so they can tell if the car you are eyeing is useful in the long run. If you do not have a one, ask your family and friends for recommendations to a good mechanic.

2. Look for the complete documentations

One of the highlights of an excellent used car deal is the availability of its paper trail. These are its purchase receipts, previous mechanical work, oil changes and additional gears. These documents will be able to tell you what has been updated in the car and what was its previous problems.

3. Find one-family vehicles for sale

One indicator that a used car was well taken care of is if it was previously owned by one family. Although it is not a total guarantee that the car will still be in pristine condition, it is generally known that family cars are well-maintained considering the demands of its previous owners.

4. Check everything before naming your price

Some buyers fall into the pit of buying a cheaper option and will consider fixing the damages after the sale. Before you close the deal, make sure that you have inspected the entire car's working condition. Think twice before saying yes and try not to be impulsive to avoid surprise damages in the future.

5. Prepare cash and have some friends to come with you

You will need company for your own safety especially when you are bringing a big amount of cash. The reason why you should opt to pay in cash is it will woo the seller to close the deal even if you haggle. Remember, credit is good, but they might need cash ASAP.

6. Stick with your budget and refuse what the seller is offering

Most of the time, middlemen sellers of used cars can get a huge chunk from the sale. Some sellers put these buffers so they can still negotiate once the buyer asks for a lower price. To get through this, start by giving your lowest offer and then work your way up to the maximum price you are willing to pay.

7. Don't lose patience

Since you are trying to find the best deal available, it is best not to make snap decisions. It is highly possible that you will not get an excellent deal at first, and you will have to go through the same process with different sellers. Some people tend to lose patience and get the last best thing they've encountered even if they will go way beyond their budget. 

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