Disinfecting Your Car During The Pandemic

Date Posted:17 June 2020 

Washing your hands and sanitizing surfaces are important in fighting the spread of the corona virus. But one thing you may have overlook is your car.


You should pay attention to high-touch areas such as:

  • Steering wheel.

  • Gear selector.

  • Door handles, inner and outer.

  • Touch displays.

  • Audio and climate control systems.

  • Arm rests.

  • Anywhere directly in the firing line of a sneeze or cough.



As these surfaces can be quite textured for grip, they may require extra effort to clean. It is important to use the right products to disinfect your vehicle. Alcohol solutions that contain at least 70% should be effective in killing corona virus. Don’t use any type of bleach or hydrogen peroxide on your car’s interior. 


It is also recommended to wear gloves as an extra precaution and of course, washing your hands after cleaning your car.


The more we follow these measures, the more we reduce the risk of the infection from spreading and the sooner we can get our lives back to normal.  So be considerate and minimize journeys by car as much as possible.

Stay safe!

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