Got haze on your windscreen? Here’s the easiest way to clean it!

Car windscreens must always be kept clean as it highly affects the vision of the driver while on the road. Due to its exposure to changing temperatures, humidity, smoke, and other chemicals, there are some dirt build up that may not be removed by simply wiping it off with a wet towel. A good example is haze, which is commonly seen inside car windscreens which had direct contact with smoke. So if you or one of your passengers smoked while in your car, you better take note of this do-it-yourself tip to wipe your windscreen interior crystal clear. 



You’ll need some stuff around your house like a cup of water, a cup of vinegar, a clean spray bottle, towels, microfibre cloths, and safety goggles. Vinegar is a recommended cleaning agent as it can cut through dirt and oily residue that some cleaners cannot. Mix it with an equal amount of water and pour the mixture into the spray bottle.  


Before spraying the mixture into your windscreen interior, cover your dashboard with towels. Vinegar may cause stains and discolorations to some surfaces, so you have to be careful with that. Put on your safety goggles to protect your eyes from the cleaning solution. Then spray liberally on the surface of your windscreen interior. Take note that you may want to leave the windows down as you go through the process so the vinegar odour will not stay long in your car interior. Wipe your windscreens with dry microfibre cloths. You can repeat the process as you prefer. 


The mixture can also be used on the exterior part of your windscreen. The vinegar and water mixture is probably the cheapest and most accessible cleaning solution you can use. You can also use some commercially made autoglass cleaners in maintaining the clarity and cleanliness of your windscreen.


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