How Should You Ensure Your Car Air Conditioning Unit's Health?

Date Posted:14 March 2018 

To ensure the optimum performance of a car, every car owner should check if all the parts of their car are well-maintained. From the lights and windscreens, to the motors and wheels. We all know the easiest way is to have a visual check done regularly – but is it enough? How about your air conditioning unit? Just because it is still cool doesn't mean that it is at its tip top shape. 

We have here the basic ways to check in your car's air conditioning unit to ensure that it will still work in making you comfortable during the hot seasons.

Most car manufacturers advise to have your car air conditioning unit serviced every two years. The basic service done to A/Cs starts with checking the refrigerant gas. Usually, a car needs re-gassing if there seems to be a problem in keeping your car cool. With the aide of a mechanic, check for leaks first before re-gassing to ensure that the refill will not leak as well. Another thing to check if you're experiencing some trouble in lowering the temperature inside your car is the evaporator. It is the one which absorbs the heat, so it is best to have it checked regularly to avoid overheating and other complications. 


It is best if you can run the A/C for a good 10 minutes once in a while to help maintain with the gas pressure. Prolonged non-usage may cause the hoses to harden which may lead to leaks and stuck ups. With this regular running of the A/C, not only will you avoid getting the hoses stationary, but it will also help prevent mildew build up due to the moist and the gross odour that smells like a wet cloth that is produced when the A/C is not used for a long time. 

Better ask your nearby car service centre for a more advanced system in A/C treatment. Bear in mind that your A/C not only works in cooling your car, but it also brings out the humidity of your car especially in hot seasons. This may make your A/C as a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria that may be harmful for your health. Look for an Ozone treatment to take care of this, as a normal soap-and-water rinsing may not always be enough. 

As it is advised to have your A/Cs checked every two years, you as a car owner should be always wary about the conditions of your car. To make sure that you get to check and repair your car air conditioning unit, it is best to ask for assistance from a trained mechanic and refrain from doing a DIY check up. Also, if you noticed something irregular happening, go and get that fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damages. 

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