How To Remove Wax Off A Car Windscreen


A lot of car owners might find it hard to remove wax build up from the surfaces of their car windscreen. This wax build up may come from frequent automatic car wash sessions which offer a wash and wax option. Some motorists take this option in the hopes that it can make their car’s surface shine. It may indeed make the body of the car shine, but too much wax on the windscreen affects the driver’s vision, not to mention the damages it can cause when in contact with the wipers. When you see wax build up on the exterior of your windscreen, do not try to remove it using your wipers as it can leave a sort of film on them. It could also be the cause the wax will be spread on a wider area of your windscreen which can really be a big problem. 


You might encounter a few wax removal solutions in the market, but for those who are having second thoughts, you can start off with a homemade cleaning mixture. All you need to prepare are the following: rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, Coca-Cola, and some towels. You can start by soaking a towel into the Coca-Cola, wring it a bit, then wipe on the car windscreen. Wipe the Coke-infused towel on the windscreen in a circular motion until you have covered its entirety. Coca-Cola’s acidic properties can dissolve the wax from the surface of the windscreen. 


Once done, quickly dry out your windscreen with a dry towel. Leaving the Coke mixture for too long may result to the windscreen feeling sticky. If this happens, just wipe it again with a towel soaked in a glass cleaner solution.  


The rubbing alcohol and cotton balls are to be used on your wipers. Simply soak the cotton balls in the alcohol and wipe the wiper blades in one direction. Do not use cola on the wipers as some of them have a cloth-like composition which will definitely turn sticky when in contact with sugary liquids.


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Wax Removal

2 January 2019
Tried everything no improvement. The only way I have removed the wax and restored my windscreen is with prewash for painting called wax and grease remover. Spray it on and wipe it clean. You will be able to see the result and feel the screen smooth and clean last job is to wipe he wiper blades clean with the same spray to remove the wax off the wipers then apply armor all to the blades. No more shudder and no wax smearing. Took 2 years to discover this remedy


29 November 2018
Jiff worked! Cheers!

Mentholated Sprits will do it

29 October 2018
Just tried metholated sprits and it’s done the trick.All the wax has gone.


26 June 2018
Use Jiff liquid bathroom cleaner - worked excellent for me - after trying other methods

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