Remove Ice From Your Windscreen The Quickest Way!

Date Posted:13 December 2017 

Most motorists are having troubles in getting their cars ready for a drive during winter. Ice collected overtime becomes hard to remove after it froze as it sat on the glass surface. Usually, it takes at least 10 minutes to clear the windscreen from ice. But this life hack can make it easier and quicker for you to do that -- in less than a minute! And the materials needed are found just in the comforts of your own home. 



Bring out a spray bottle, rubbing alcohol, and tap water. Make sure to use a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol in the mixture as it has properties that will help melt the ice build-up from your car windscreen. Mix two parts rubbing alcohol and one part tap water into the spray bottle and you are good to go! Just remember to keep the mixture in room temperature to make sure it still has the ability to melt down thin ice. 


Start spraying from the topmost part, going down. This way, the mixture will not go to waste as it will then thaw the frozen ice below the spot where you first sprayed. Let the mixture sit for a minute before scraping the thawed part on the car windscreen.




According to experts, the rubbing alcohol and water mixture incorporates a warm temperature that will make the ice to thaw. The mixture will require a lower freezing point as compared to water alone. Despite it being water based, the mixture will not freeze on your windscreen when exposed to frozen ice as it will require a temperature of close to 0 degrees to freeze. So don’t try to think to splash a bucket of warm tap water on your windscreen to melt the ice, as it will only freeze up in no time. Mixing it with rubbing alcohol will do the trick. 

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