Save this Holden HQ Monaro 1971 Coupe V8

Author: Tony Rowe   Date Posted:15 January 2020 

Day 1

Today, I found this old 1971 Holden HQ Monaro for sale online,listed as "Garden Art". I contacted the owner named Peter and asked him what the story was. He told me that in late November in Narangba, a fire came through the property while he was at work. By the time he got a call to get home, he found out that the fire set his shed alight.

He lost 3 vehicles in the fire but the house was still standing when I arrived.

It was a 3-hour round trip up to the Upper North side of Brisbane. I left after work and drove a friend’s tow truck up to view the HQ Coupe.

Upon arriving, I was greeted by his wife who then introduced me to Peter. Peter showed me around and what was left of his car. We talked for a while and I made a tough decision to buy the car from him. We joked about his wife saying he was crazy not to have gotten rid of it by now and my wife thinking I’m crazy for wanting to save it.

I Told Peter that I’ll try my best to save her and return her to its former glory.

Together, we carefully loaded it and I headed off.

As an ex-panel beater by trade, I love these old cars and I didn’t want to see it go to the scrap.

I have a room at the workshop but I just don’t have the funds. We are still raising our 3 kids (11,13,15) so it may have to wait awhile.

So here it goes, if you also have a passion for old cars and would like to donate any HQ parts panels or even just your time, help me prove my wife’s wrong and bring this old car back from the dead.

I need to raise approximately $60k, so if anyone is interested in donating to our GoFundme HQ campaign, please click on the link below.

This isn’t a priority.

Day 2

Autoglass Warehouse is kindly going to donate a complete new set of HQ Glass and also continue to update this Post/Blog on the HQ build. 

We will start building her if we can raise $20K.

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