Watch your Budget with these Simple Fuel Saving Tips!

Date Posted:28 March 2018 

Fuel prices are surely unpredictable, and as a car owner it would be better if you can manage your consumption to keep your costs manageable. That is why it is a best practice to use your fuel as efficient as possible. Not only would it lower your fuel expenses, but it can also maintain the health of other parts of your car. 



One of the first things that you can do and probably the cheapest is to drive economically. When you drive economically, you would want to avoid abruptly stepping on the accelerator pedal when you take-off and on the brake pads when you come to a halt. Come to think of it, a sudden and forced brake would require a re-acceleration to be able to regain its previous speed. That in itself would use up more fuel as compared to gradually increasing speed when you take off and treading lightly on the brakes. In this way, not only will you save up on your fuel, but with your tyre and brake maintenance as well. 


Also, another cost-effective fuel saving tip is turning off  your engine when you're immobile. Like for example, when you are stuck in a very heavy traffic, or you are waiting for your companion to come back from a quick stop at a store, or you are waiting at the rail roads while a huge train is passing. In short, instead of lighting your hazard lights with everything else turned on (air conditioning, lights, sound system), why not turn your engines off while waiting? A good 10 minutes of rest will not use up fuel as compared when they are working but not moving. 



Lastly, regular checkups can help you maintain a low fuel usage. Check your tyres' conditions, motor oil grade, air filters, and the like. Tyres that have a maintained air pressure and are properly inflated can help improve your gas mileage every time you fuel up. Although it is somewhat debateable, keep the weight load in your trunk at the minimum. Excess load weight might greatly affect your mileage. And although some may debunk this, it is better to side with the safer option.