Things to Consider for a Basic Car Restoration Project

Date Posted:11 April 2018 


Classic cars are a built with a nice combination of toughness and beauty. And when you see an old but restored classic car on the road, it surely won't go unnoticed. Many hobbyists and car enthusiasts have hopped in to the car restoration bandwagon over the years. Ever get curious how it is done – and practically how you can start a project on your own? There are basic things to consider first. Read on to get familiarised with it! 


Plan it out! Before anything else, set your eyes on the car you want to get restored. This is so you get to examine what are the other necessary preparations you will need – from the tools, working space, budget, to the right people to help you complete the project. You can start by watching Youtube videos relevant to car restorations or immerse yourself in car shows to help you get an idea on which cars are advisable for beginners to restore. In choosing the make and model of the car for your restoration project, consider the fact that some parts might not be easily available for older models. 



Scout for resources. Since this is a meticulous project, sourcing tools might be a little harder if you do not have the right connections. Try joining car restoration or classic car owner groups to lead you to hard to find stuff for your project. It also wouldn't hurt to listen to their experiences too back when they are embarking on their first project as well. Having people who share the same interest as you do can help cut off time and costs on such a tedious project. For tools and parts that may be harder to find in your area than a needle on a haystack, you can always turn to eBay and other online listings. 


Make sure you got the time. Such a careful project needs your utmost attention for you to be able to pull it off. You will be needing to devote enough time to start and finish this project. When you plot out your timetable, put allowances for possible delays (i.e difficulty in sourcing out tools and parts, how long your paint dries, etc.) Also, it would be best if you will not be doing this project in time for a special event, say your wedding anniversary, your parent's birthday, or your sibling's anniversary. Sure, a restored car for a classic automobile lover is totally sweet, but given the time to prepare for it and the unstable timeline, it might be disappointing if you cannot deliver it as you promised.

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