Date Posted:6 September 2018 

A Windscreen wiper is one of the most important part of almost all types of motor vehicle such as cars, trucks, buses and even trains, marine vessels and aircraft. It is absolutely an important tool with regard to safety and maintenance. But you have to continually keep them in good condition.
Here are some tips which will help you know that it's time to replace and buy a new windscreen wiper:
1) The use of a windscreen wiper is to make sure that you have a clear sight from the outside world of your vehicle. To clear the raindrops and some places, it may be snow and dust. However, if it's an old wiper blade, the wiper will not be efficient in doing its job. The raindrops will not be fully wiped away and the blades may create smear or scratch to your windscreen glass. Once you notice this, it's time to buy a new pair of wipers.
2) You might be hearing a distracting sound if you have an old or torn wiper. A squeak or juddering noise will be at your signal to replace your windscreen wipers.
3) The temperature is one factor that can break your wipers. During a hot and sunny day, the rubber blades will deform, and the tip will flatten. You need to change the wipers if you feel that the rubber is already rougher and harder. It would be best to raise the wipers so it will not touch the hot windscreen during the hot days.

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