Signs that Tells You Need to Change your Tyres ASAP

Date Posted:9 May 2018 

One can say that tyres should be the first thing that a driver checks before getting on the road. True enough, the car won't be able to move an inch if the tyres are troubled. Since the tyres are always in contact with different types of terrain, it is best to check on it after your trip has ended as well. If not checked on a regular basis, those little wear and tears might build up without you knowing and might result to further damages to your tyres. 


Take a look at these warning signs that tell you your tyres need replacements as soon as possible. 




Shallow tread depths. 

One of the best indicators that you need a new tyre is the tread depth. A fresh, new tyre has prominent tread depths that are essential for the tyre's grip on the road. Shallow tread depths might cause the tyres to be uncontrollable in wet or slick roads. It is usually checked with a measuring bar, that shows at least 1.6 millimetres depth. If yours falls below that, time to retire your tyres. 


Blisters or bulges 

Though it may seem harmless, a bulge on your tyre may mean that it does not have the right amount of pressure to support your car. And if not taken care of, it may lead to an explosion. These blisters and bulges may also be an indicator that there are other issues on the balance, alignment or suspension. Have these checked as soon as possible and ask for your mechanic's advise if the tyres would need replacements. 





Take note of the period recommended by your tyre manufacturer before replacing your tyres. Usually, they would advise a minimum of 10 years before replacement. So it is best that you make a reminder as to when this 10th year will be. Also check the tyres' grip on the mag wheels. 



If your tyres can no longer maintain the recommended inflation pressure for a period of time like before, then it definitely calls out for a replacement. It is either it has a hole somewhere, or it cannot simply support your car anymore. 


As you check your tyres, don't forget to take a look on your spare, too! 



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